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Poems written with a baby on my lap: #5

I remember the first time

that upon my shoulder you laid your head

All of my time stood still

with my shoulder adorned it cuteness and red


When did you learn emotion

or that this simple act meant so much

could it be that it’s ingrained in all of us

the power of human touch?


Your perfect trust is something I don’t deserve

and yet you freely give

you teach us adults how to act

to be humble, love, and live


Lily my daughter, you are something special

you ways and energy a power so unique

and even though you don’t form “words we understand

there is a force with everything you say and speak


Never forget that you are you

a person, loved, and that is love

you are not all being, all-powerful

that is reserved for the one above


But you have a gift, a talent, and spark

that is yours to find and share

so live your life with reckless abandon

and the utmost care.


Imagine what one simple act

you did probably unknowingly could do

so as you grow and live and go forth

never stop loving, never stop caring..


never stop being you.