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Bryan dedicates his time to helping humanity through endeavors that transform the paradigms of consciousness, technology, and business.  Born the youngest in his family, Bryan spent the early parts of his life attempting to mimic and surpass his older brother while observing his fathers’ love of engineering and mothers’ love of people.  These experiences shaped his paradoxical purpose and vision: how can global change occur through one, and how can one cause global change?

A lover of life that seemingly couldn’t sit still and found intrigue and joy in all facets of life, Bryan was an avid athlete, lover of music and arts, and ardent academic.  From drawing schematics of how to harness lightning into batteries to fuel cities, to running around on the soccer field, this broad spectrum of passions and enjoyments often left Bryan feeling alone and isolated, never fitting in with any “community” but able to talk, interact, and engage with all. The same paradox of linear processing (engineering) with fluid love (community and heart-centric works) came full force in high school, as Bryan was setting off to an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, a note was left in his art portfolio stating “You have a gift in arts.  Neglect them not, and consider this path.” Unsure of the decision to make, the practical and patterned of society noise of “getting a job” ruled, and thus he set down that path of engineering.

After obtaining graduating magna cum laude with double majors in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (and double minors in Mathematics and Biology) while competing at the National Level in Track and Field, Bryan went on to complete a Doctorate in Cellular and Molecular Biophysics from Case Western Reserve University.  However, all these years of rigor, drive, and focus were radically tilt-shifted in 2011/2012 as many aspects of who he thought he was, were suddenly brought into question and even removed.  Some might label this a dark night of the soul – as choices he had been making resulted in damaging his academic reputation and led to a painful divorce.

Confronted with the reality of the moment, and what appeared and felt to be a complete loss of identity, the paradox was that those moments would be the crucible by which a true, from within, identity was allowed to emerge.  As Rumi once wrote “the wound is the place where the light enters you.” Suddenly, thoughts, waveforms, and reality began to shift, and awareness about what is… just became truths the more he searched within, and began to foster, listen, and grow the inner light and voice. As it was said of Jesus of Nazareth “Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it…” that gate, he believes, is oneself.  There is no smaller gate than oneself, and walking through oneself is sometimes the hardest path to take.

These choices began to resonate through his work, as he launched his first company in 2012 (wysebridge) focused on being of use to aspiring patent practitioners.  At the same time, Bryan’s interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency began, diving deep with the altcoin Netcoin, one of the early progenitors of the proof-of-stake algorithm and first to embrace crypto-community aspects.

In a parallel manner, Bryan’s worldviews continued to expand, opening to people, connecting at their heart levels, something he experienced and was taught by his now wife, a mighty warrior of the divine feminine energy.  The birth of their daughter, Lily, further opened the doors of experiencing new paradigms of self, of love, and interconnectivity of quantum math – where 1+1 now equaled 3.

Bryan’s interest in being of use to the tech ecosystem while empowering consciousness shifts really took off as he became a global ambassador for the crypto project PIVX, which grew to become a top 100 cryptocurrency through its community-centric endeavors.

Bryan later founded elev3n, which is developing holistic healthcare solutions for communities, as well as funded POKT and Vendible, both blockchain based utility applications.

Currently, Bryan sits as the Chief Development Magus (yes, real title was given to him) for the SDG Impact Fund, which is a one of it’s kind Conscious Conduit for value, assets, and wealth to flow to impact endeavors to meet the SDGs before 2030.  It is here in this core that he has observed near quantum level collaborations taking place, and is currently working with systems strategists, technological wizards, and finance experts to create the containers to allow mankind to emerge into its next self, one that is self-aware, loving, and harmoniously embracing nature and neurons (of tech) at the same time.