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Consciousness Conduit, Business Strategist, Energy Resonator, Father

Bryan W. Doreian

I transmit visions from the future into tangible steps for businesses, communities, and people, working on and investing in projects, ventures, and movements that provide a more harmonic paradigm for humanity.  From blockchain to decentralized food production (aka gardening), all connected through a conscious heart-centric container.


Energy is me. I’ve always been fascinated by energy and had an abundance of it.  It’s my “work.”  I love accepting and moving energy, inspiring others through mediums (words, actions, art) and building powerful systems (teams, endeavors, companies) attuning them to perform for quantum conscious impact.  Put another way, providing alternative paradigms for individuals to chose to step into.  This often is labeled as being “a visionary” yet I’ve accepted it as I’m accepting myself and the many facets of who I am (matter, energy, and meaning-making) and my impact in speaking my truth.  I’ve started my own companies and championed DAOs (Decentralized autonomous organizations).  I’ve also experienced and walked through a complete shattering of the perspective of who I was, and the way in which I thought I would live life. I’ve lived through extensive soul searching and internal work as to the “whys” in life, that reverberate back into the key elements of effective impactful work. This progression through the perception of time has led me to the SDG Impact Fund and collaboration for massive global uplifting at beyond the speed of light…at the speeds of trust.

More About Bryan


Wysebridge, an online education academy focused on helping aspiring patent practitioners study for and pass the USPTO Patent Bar exam.  was founded by Bryan Doreian in 2012. Wysebridge came to be through the community. At the time (in 2011-early 2012) when Bryan was studying for the exam, he was frustrated over: The high cost of every study program out there, The lack of personal attention, The inability to get guidance, The archaic study programs being used. This led to an initial complete dissection of the patent bar exam, and a designed methodology for studying to pass the exam and is continuing to help individuals pass the Patent Bar Exam today.

The Vendible platform is an all-encompassing commerce solution for businesses and consumers that integrates cryptocurrency with traditional financial services. Vendible provides innovative solutions for established marketplaces by leveraging social networks and employs layered confidence mechanisms to enable safe transactions.

ELEV3N is a catalyst in bringing about a disproportionate change in the way humankind views health, wellness, and healing.  


Pocket Network is an application specific blockchain that incentivizes any individual to run full nodes and relay transactions for any cryptocurrency without the need for users to pay fees. The vision for Pocket Network is to make it as easy as possible to create applications that use cryptocurrency, particularly for mobile.

At some point in Bill’s journey (sometime in the early 90s) he created the recipe for what is now Bill’s Best Original Organic BBQ Sauce. He started making it for his family and friends. The sweet and tangy flavor, combined with a mild kick appealed to everyone. Unfortunately, in the fall of 2009, Bill was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Degeneration and could no longer make his sauce. To honor him, his family has decided to sell his sauce and donate a portion of the profit to the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration.  In 2017, his son Jason, an avid home-brewer, began to explore the possibility of crafting high-quality beer to pair with their BBQ sauces, and officially opened their brewery in 2019.


ZENZO Ecosystem is a project founded with the overall goal to empower gamers, through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The mission of ZENZO is to create an ultimate suite of products designed to give back to gamers through discounts, unique and limited products, applications, games, engaging and supportive communities, voting power and creative feedback for game development, tournaments, and overall engagement with other gamers.

RedPen is a breakthrough social news and storytelling platform powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence. RedPen aspires to build and empower the global, connected community by making the world’s information collectively understood. Like taking a red pen to the Internet, we will enable everyone to see and contribute to the most transparent, informative, and contextual rendition of content and news.

OBSERVER (OBSR) is decentralized blockchain based weather data endeavor.  By setting up your own personal weather station on your smartphone, automobile or building, you can join the Observer ecosystem and be rewarded. By combining both software and hardware, we are able to massively increase accuracy while reducing the time lag for weather data, globally.  With patents granted, official authorization from the S. Korean government deeming OBSR as a meteorological entity, OBSR is on it’s way to demonstrating how effective crowd-sourced data combined with blockchain can be.

Whistle AI is a decentralized marketplace for people with information about corruption or wrongdoing and allows them to sell that information safely and anonymously. Whistle AI uses artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to verify that the information being sold is accurate,without ever exposing the source or releasing the information to anyone but the purchaser.

PIVX is the worlds first private zerocoin proof-of-stake cryptocurrency. With the ability to send and spend publically or privately, PIVX provides individuals with the ability to maintain their freedoms and rights. As part of it’s manifesto, PIVXs goal is outlined that the fundamental rights of every person are inviolable and that every human being has basic rights and including the right to not have every data point of their life collected, sold, used, or violated (or put another way, the right to privacy).

GAIA-Projects closes the gap between investor and inventor. With our visionary, skilled and dedicated team we test, verify and guide projects from idea to market entry, introducing the most promising new green energy devices to the world, decentralizing energy access.


The SDG Impact Fund is the leading Donor Advised Fund whose missional purpose is the conscious rooting of Philanthropic Giving + Quantum Impact Investing for the purpose of attaining the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


  • RHU (Registered Health Underwriter) – 2014
  • Passed USPTO Patent Bar Examination – 2012
  • Post-Doctorate Research (Dermatology) – 2009-2011
  • Completed Doctorate in Cellular Biophysics – 2009
  • Double Bachelors of Science (Chemistry & Chemical Engineering) – 2005
  • Achieved Global Entry – 1983