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What happens when the paradigms no longer fit?
What happens when the narratives and stories told were actually falsehoods, lies, and distractions?
Curiously, those who “question” the narrative, or even more simply, who question anything really, are quickly labeled as a “conspiracy theorist.” Oftentimes my observation is that when individuals start to poke around sensitive information or mis-narratives, the quicker it is for that individual to somehow become labeled a conspiracy theorist.  This is a method to quickly undermine the perceived “trustworthiness” of that individual while at the same moment seemingly to elevate the trustworthiness of the individual who “pointed out the conspiracy theorist” amongst us.
I love people that question.  I love that there are those who perceive and view the world differently.  It’s saddening to continue to see individuals labeled, ostracized, and written off for simply vocalizing a question.  Worse yet, when shrouds of potential evidence are presented, the attacks and dismantling of that individual’s reputation seem to grow stronger.
I ran across some interesting reads the other day.  It appears (thanks FOIA) that more and more documentation is coming to light from once hidden archives.

Take this one for example, from the FBI’s vault:

The narrative that we were told is that Hitler died in his bunker.

What that document tells is another possible story altogether different from the accepted narrative, and was kept classified, redacted, and hidden for a long time.  Why?
I’m not saying that that the proposed differing narrative is accurate or even true either.  What I’m suggesting, is that we (humanity) are going through a major shift.  Rather than pointing fingers at one another….perhaps we can take a collective breath of air, and begin the process of realizing we have all been “part” of this narrative that seems to no longer fit.  We made decisions based on that information.  We’ve build nations, had wars, based on that narrative.
And also – perhaps it’s time to allow those who question to actually have a voice and not be labeled as crazy.  Yes, from within the narrative, these folks appeared crazy.  Perhaps, they were the ones that saw through things just enough to be able to even ask those questions.
So, perhaps it’s time we all ask:
What is true?
Why does this matter?
What does this mean for you?

For more details around the above narratives:

This interview is with a 91yr old Aubrey Temples, a WWII veteran, a two-time Purple Heart and Bronze Star With Valor recipient.  As a POW at the age of 16/17, he came face to face with Hitler on April 30, 1945, the day he and Eva Braun supposedly committed suicide in the Berlin bunker.