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A video (hosted by Jennifer Lawrence) has been circulating a bit, and I’ve been listening to a lot of the conversation around it.  There are (hey, how many humans are there) many perspectives.  Here’s the video:

In a discord channel, I’m part of, one of the members (mgshightech#4324) posted the below, and it resonated a lot with me.

“It’s the appearance of a federal republic and representative democracy. Sadly, it does take some explaining before people properly see what the real deal is. Basically, If I have an amplifier circuit that goes into exclusive positive feedback saturation, it’s not really an amplifier anymore. It’s a parasitical mess. It’s the nature of “occultism” to enshroud reality with incorrect wording like “the patriot act” … this is called rune magick. If they don’t give you a word for what it really is, then they do give you a word for what they intend it to appear to be, then, unless you see through it, you have been tricked.

For the elite class, it’s a public buy-in generator. A fake consensus model, designed to get the public to cooperate with what the elite class wants to do by tricking their minds into believing that it was actually a bunch of publicly made decisions.

By the time you examine all of the ways that elites have to rob the public of its voting power, then you realize that the public hardly has any voting power.

High gain, parasite saturated circuits burn out where the most power is switched. This is why people are incessantly warring over the president chair. The last presidential election was a farce and the continual attacks on the president, whoever he/she is are perfect evidence that this form of meltdown is happening right in front of our eyes. People don’t have words for it, so they just keep playing into the dynamic rather than objecting accurately to its bullshit design.”