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Poems written with a baby on my lap: #3

Poems written with a baby on my lap: #3 Why hello there little pumpkin, I hear you are turning one (month old that is).... And while this might seem like a small accomplishment my mental powers are drained...can no longer switching to free-formery fun..…
Bryan W. Doreian
March 11, 2019

“To a new day, you young and old…To manifesting the story, that will one day be told…of a brave few who stepped into the night, with hearts aglow, ready for the fight…but weapons were not, and machines of war left behind…for these few were defending all of mankind…and to do so they knew they must unite in love…for that is the power from above.  The war is all around…what machine could ever compare, to the brave few who stand fast, who risk it all, to you…to us, those who dare. Now is our time, Let your hearts open wide…and watch love conquer all…humanities rushing tide.”

Bryan W Doreian