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Poems written with a baby on my lap: #3

Why hello there little pumpkin,

I hear you are turning one (month old that is)….

And while this might seem like a small accomplishment

my mental powers are drained…can no longer rhyme…so switching to free-formery fun..


You’ve had all nighters, sleepovers, listened to raindrops on metal and skylights, saw the sun, braved the cold, soared on gigantic swings 10 times your size, been held by giants, took your first swim, cried your little heart out, laughed, smiled like the Cleveland Indian, went on your first outing to a coffee shop (oh how sophisticated you must be), took your first adventure trip through the car-wash, had a few doctor’s visits, and so much more..


the fun has only just begun little one….and I know for me (and your wonderful mama) our fun and joy in love has only been amplified because of you. We love lil peach.


*sidenote: your mother and I take no responsibility for any confusion over your name…Lily…peach, pumpkin, turtle, boom boom, hot-cake, love pants, lil bean, lily pad, lillith, peanut, munchkin, boomer, stanky…no matter what we call you, you name is beautiful…just like you.