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Do beavers ever get splinters

As they handle and chew all that wood

with all the bark and twigs and branches

you’d imagine a beaver probably would


And yet you never see a beaver

at a doctor’s or in the hospital or asking for a hand

to remove a sliver of wood from their mouth or paw

but if you did, it might be grand


Imagine sitting in a room, full of people

and in waddles mr. beaver with an ailment

a splinter I got he says, I need it out pronto

there’s just one problem…the medical co-payment.


All i have is some wood shavings,

and an old piece of wood

So I guess even if a beaver got a splinter

no way a doctor would remove it, with that payment who would?


Unless there are beaver doctors

or beavers who help when others are down

I guess that’s the key question

are there any beaver doctors around….