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Do leopards ever lose their spots


Do leopards ever lose their spots

could that even happen?

maybe fly off as they run around

or just fall off as they’re napping


Do leopards ever lose their spots

when they’re running through grass so tall

and what if they ran so fast through the grass

the spots all soared off till the leopard was left with nothing at all


Can you even imagine a leopard with every spot removed

what a great mystery indeed, the answer we would behoofed (to find)


But what if the leopard only lost a single spot

maybe it wasn’t even a large one, perhaps just the size of a dot


how would the leopard ever trace the spot

if it was lost on the open plain

Well that might be easy (to spot), but if it was in a field full of other dots

well, that might drive the leopard insane!


The person who helps the leopard find the spot

well, that would deserve a lot of fame.


can you help the leopard find his missing spot?


Do you think leopards lose their spots often, or rather quite a lot?


Well one thing I am certain of, is I’ve never seen a spot on the ground

so maybe even if leopards do lose their spots, they always seem to be found.