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Do Giraffes ever get a crick in their neck


If you were a Giraffe would you ever get a crick in your neck

Can you imagine your head up in the air so high

and way down below, your little giraffe body

supporting your cute lil giraffe nogging in the sky


It must be tiresome, and quite frankly a lot of work

to keep that head so upright

so it’s probably not preposterous, and even inconceivable

to imagine a giraffe’s neck muscles getting tight


sometimes they stretch, and sometimes they strain

to eat a leaf or take a drink,

so maybe a giraffe is just being friendly, or perhaps rather just plain ol stuck in place

when as you walk by the giraffe gives you a wink.


I guess we could ask the giraffe this simple question

it might be much more straightforward and plain

but we’d first have to find a giant stepladder (and a giraffe for that matter)

and now come to think of it, that would be a giant pain (in the neck).