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Dawn (v.) c. 1200, dauen, “to dawn, grow light,” or a “period between darkness and sunrise,” (c. 1200), from Old English dagung, from dagian “to become day.”

-Online Etymology Dictionary

Can you feel the dawn?  Do you realize that you yourself contribute to the wakening of the world, the ushering in of the light?  You yourself are literally manifesting this process through your love. By the choices you make which are spurred on by the energy you possess, you “grow light.”  

Each day you are a brand new person….and yet you are exactly the same.  How is this possible you might ask? Well, the “person” (meaning, the energy / soul that is contained and living in and within your mind/body/space) you were before the setting of the sun no longer exists.  That person is bound/captured in the events/space/time of the then. The cells that were then, the thoughts you had, the environment you were in, how you were feeling…were all “then.” You are you..NOW. This is a whole new person.  New cells. New process. New circumstances, new influences and influencers. The you of “now” is not the same as the you of a split-second ago. Why? Everything has changed. AND YET….nothing has changed. The “you” that is you…not your body, not your mind…the deep, deep, rooted and guttural essence that is “you”…is.  Nothing can move that. Nothing can shake that….That is “you” which is the love that is and flows through you. That is the “youness” that you see in others. That you believe is in others. That “you” is.

So each morning, each moment…Through the transforming of your life…of your mind, of your heart, you dawn light.  You usher forward from another place a divine love that transforms yourself, and the world. You burst forward into penetrating light out of darkness.  Love. Compassion. Gratitude. Transformative Change